Top 8 Destinations in Australia

Going for a trip to Australia which itself is a continent offers something more than water activities, sightseeing, cities etc. Here we get chance to see some exotic animals, snowcapped mountains, rainforest and even a desert. Australia has proved to be one of the best destinations for those who are wishing for a different sort of journey with different experiences all around. Australia that is located in the Southern hemisphere has entertaining items that are suitable for people from different walks of life like a sports person, outdoor person, nature lover etc. Some of the places that are of great attraction to the tourists are described in the article.

1. Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef
This is one of the must visit place in Australia. There is a great variety of bio diversity available in this reef. Some of them include the Dwarf Minke Whale, Indo Pacific Humpback Dolphin, Salt Water Crocodile, and Olive Ridely Turtle etc. This is one of the largest heritage sites available in this country. There are also a number of species of birds available in this reef.

2. Sydney Harbor
This is a natural harbor available in Australia and it is a framework for the Sydney Opera House and also the Sydney Harbor Bridge which is an important image that represents the country to the rest of the world. The architecture of the Opera house, where a number of musical concerts take place, is done in a modern way.

3. Tasmania
The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, the Road Rally in Tasmania and the popular musical events that take place- all make the place famous. Falls Festival and the Carols in Candlelight are some of the well-known events that attract a lot of people to the place.

4. Kimberley
This is a rugged terrain in the western region of Australia. The cruise journey surrounding the area is really attractive since great panorama of waterfalls, rivers, rainforest etc. shall be obtained. Two important waterfalls in the region are the King George Falls and the Mitchell Falls. Almost all Australia packages include this place.

5. Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko
This is a snowy mountain range which is easily accessible by foot or by ski if the visit is made during the winter season. Different guided tours are available depending on the age group of the visitors. We can also find Alpine flowers here.

6. Melbourne
This is the best place available for shopping in Australia. Some extreme varieties of chic clothes as well as leather goods can be found here and that too in reasonable cost. Most of the tourist on Australia tour gets to Melbourne during the final days of their journey for doing some exciting shopping.

7. Valley of Barossa
This is a very beautiful grape growing valley in Australia. It is famous for the fine quality of alcohol available and is really proud of its great industry. During the middle period of the 18th century travellers from England and Europe came to the place and made it famous for the renowned brand of wine available along with the superb quality food and architecture.

8. Whitsunday’s Island
This Island is located in the Queensland region of Australia. Most of the visitors start their journey from the famous Airlie Beach which has a number of well-known pubs and discos along with the available cheap alcohol.
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