Top 10 Destinations in Germany

Germany’s top cities and destinations are to be selected when a Germany tour is planned. First of all try to get a minimum knowledge about where and how can a person easily get into the place. Some of the cities that tourists prefer to visit are being listed in this article.

1. Berlin
This is the capital city of Germany. During the cold war Berlin was separated to East and West. After the reunion of Berlin in 1990; the city itself gained popularity as the biggest cosmopolitan city in Germany. This is the biggest city and also famous for art, architecture and also the nightlife.

2. Munich
This is one of the green cities of Germany and also the gateway to Alps. The most beautiful city, Munich is also the capital of Bavaria. This city exhibits some of the traditional German architectural monuments and some of the world’s most famous museums. We owe to salute this great cities royal past without any failure.

3. Frankfurt
As far as Germany and Europe is considered Frankfurt is the major for these cities. The international airport in the city is one of the busiest airports in the world. The financial centre of the country is also Frankfurt. The International Book Fair that is conducted in October is the biggest one in the whole world.

4. Hamburg
Hamburg located in the northern part of Germany is said to be the second largest city in the world. The famous night club Reeperbahn is famous for its renowned outfit. The city also hosts as one of the biggest harbors in the world. Hamburg also has maritime charmness because of the several waterways that run through the centre.

5. Cologne
This city was discovered by Romans and is one of the oldest cities of Germany. By the architectural history the Cathedral of Cologne is the masterpiece that ever exists in the place. The art scenes, excellent museums and the largest carnival festival is also famous in the Germany.

6. Dresden
This city has its boundaries extended towards the bank of the river Elbe. This is also called as the Florence at the Elbe solely because of its location, baroque architecture and the renowned artistic works.

7. Leizpig
Germany’s best known artists have made the city their home for a longer period of time. Some of them spend their student life here while others worked in the city. This city has become famous because of Germany’s recent history of a peaceful revolution, which was the sole cause of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

8. Heidelberg
A few German cities were not destroyed in World War 2. Heidelberg is one of them. This city was the center of Germany’s romantic period because the old streets are filled up with the charming old structures.

9. Weimar
This city is known as the heart of the German culture. Many of Germany’s famous artists and thinkers like Goethe, Bach etc stayed in the city. They were the people who shaped up the great outlook of the city.

10. Dusseldorf
This city comes in a region called Rhineland. Here we can find a mixture of both old and new forms of architectural works which help us to understand about the ancient and the modern periods of Germany. The Dusseldorf art academy is one famous and everlasting part of the great city. Try spending some of your Germany holidays here.
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