Top 10 Destinations in Ireland

While planning for an Ireland tour all tourists might be confused about the places that should be visited. There may be some favorite places and sights that all tourists wish to see while in Ireland.

1. Bru na Boinne
Bru na Boinne
This is not a place which can be considered as a single sight. But this is a historic landscape that exists on the bank of river Boyne and which has enormous number of pre historic monuments. The biggest among them are Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth.

2. The Burren
There are many ancient monuments and bizarre rock structures found in the city. This limestone plateau is likened by many of the tourists. Galway Bay which is only a few miles away can also be visited in order to see some of the impressive sights.

3. The Hill of Tara
This place is considered as the seat of the ancient kings of Ireland during their reign period. Now the place is just filled up with grass with less number of immense earth works. The audiovisual show regarding the importance of the place is exhibited in some of the museums and disused churches of Ireland.

4. Dublin City
Dublin City
This is the relatively smallest city in the region. This city can be fully explored simply on foot or by taking a bus journey. Even though small in area the place is richly filled up with eye catching sights and museums. Dublin is not suitable for Saturday visit because here half the population go for shopping on Saturday evenings.

5. Glendalough
One of the most enchanting and early Christian sights are available here. The city is seen in a valley besides the tranquil lake. People who love history or tradition can spend their time in two round towers one of which is a church and other its ruin- the St Kevin’s Kitchen and a cathedral.

6. Lakes of Killarney and the Ring of Kerry
This is the best place to get through the coastal scenery, mountain landscapes, ancient age monuments and structures. A number of castles and special type of dwelling houses are also available across the streets. The charm of Killarney’s lake is also great.

7. The Giant’s Causeway
This is the top most sight in the northern part of Ireland. This is a region easily accessible by covering the area through car or by shuttle bus. Travelers who can spare some time can take a steam train for sightseeing in the region including the Old Bushmills Distillery.

8. Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher
This is an irregular landscape that ends up suddenly straight down the Atlantic. This is one of the most spectacular coastal areas in Europe. Because of the high density of tourists visiting the place, this tourist area was rebuilt on a large scale by spending a huge amount on the development of the place.

9. Sligo and Area
the town area of Sligo is not much developed but the surrounding areas exist reversely. Knock area has the grave of the Queen Maeve 1 as a major attraction and much more to see if you take a steep climb from the location.

10. Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

O’Brien family built this tower house in the year 1467. It has recently been rebuilt without much expense. Now it is one of the major attractions for people enjoying Ireland holidays.

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