Top 10 Destinations in Romania

Romania has changed a lot both politically and economically after the revolution of 1989. Even now Romania is in a transition age if the economic background is considered. Many arrangements are done for treating the visitors of Romania tour. Some of the destinations are discussed in this article.

1. Buchares
This is the capital city of Romania. It is popular for the great mixture of architectural structures that the city holds. The city was previously called “The Little Paris.” It is a city of contrasts. There are many numbers of interesting places in Romania that are photogenic. During the communist reign the face of Bucharest was greatly changed.

2. Sighisoara
Transylvania region has Sighisoara as the most preserved and developed city. It was built by Saxons in the period between 12th and 17th centuries. The town is dominated with citadel, a beautifully preserved complex of the medieval age. This old town that is surrounded by the citadel walls has cobblestone roads and Saxon houses of the 16th century that are brightly painted.

3. Brasov
This is the most popular destination that all the visitors to Romania wish to watch. The life of the people of Brasov is very much calm as compared to other cities and it is also more civilized. It is a city that is protected by the Carpathian Mountains. Tourists can easily reach the place by train which makes it easily accessible.

4. Cluj
Cluj is a university town of its kind. A university town can be described as one with full of energy, life and enthusiasm. It is always open to new and new ideas, young and active. This city holds up many small and big universities of which the Babes-Bolyai is the most famous one. This is the second largest university in Romania.

5. Buzau County
Buzau County
It has a very much diverse type landscape which also has sun burned plains and wild mountainous area. The place is famous for the wine and vineyards it carries. Greater area of the region is covered with sandy ground which is a landscape most suitable for the growth of grapes. The grapes and wine from Romania is very much famous all over the world. Romania holidays can be greatly enjoyed here.

6. Danube Delta
This is the largest and the best preserved deltas in Europe and the water flows to the Black Sea. Fresh water fishes and immense species of birds are also found here.

7. The Black Church
The place where Black Church stands had another church in its place which was destroyed as the effect of Mongol invasion. It was built in the period between 1385 and 1477. The church was profoundly destroyed and all its walls turned black due to fire and hence the name.

8. The Merry Cemetery
This comes in the village of Sapanta which is in Maramures area. The colorful tombstones and paintings that describe the history in a poetic manner makes this more beautiful.

9. Peles Castle
Many people consider this as the most beautiful castles in the Europe. Many Romanian monarchs including king Carol 1 was buried here. This castle was named after the famous river Peles that flows through the courtyard of the castle.

10. Histria citadel
This is Romania’s oldest town and was built by the Greek traders in 657 BC. But this city was abandoned in the 7th century AD and the left over were discovered in the year 1914.
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