Top 10 Destinations in UK

All the visitors to UK will have a clear cut idea regarding the places to visit for making their journey lovely and unforgettable. There are some must see places that all tourists are advised to visit in their tour. Some of these places are discussed in the article.

1. Windsor Castle
Windsor is a place in London that can be easily caught up by train. The Windsor castle that is only a short walk distance from the station dominates from the whole town. The castle building alone covers 13 acres of the area and it is renowned as the largest inhabited castle in the whole of world. This site selection was done by King William and it overlooks the river Thames.

2. Stonehenge
The architecture of Stonehenge is still unknown to the whole world. This was built more than 5000 years ago and it has gained the attention of visitors for more than tens of centuries. Day time in spring season is the best time to watch the structure.

3. Hadrian’s Wall
This is the northern border of the Roman Empire. When the Roman Empire was about to be destroyed this defensive wall was constructed across the northern region of Britain. The remnants of this wall can be seen at nearly 73 miles away from the wall region which forms stone fences, stone barns and cobbles.

4. York Minster
This is the largest Gothic Church in the northern part of Europe that exists since the medieval period. York Minster was voted by the British visitors to be one of the Seven Wonders of Britain. There is nothing in UK which can be compared to this famous cathedral. Make sure to visit this cathedral in your UK tour.

5. Iron Bridge
Iron Bridge
This is the birthplace of industry. Iron founders and the growing industrialists hurried to see this bridge since it is part of their industry growth. This bridge is built over the River Severn which is near Coalbrookdale in 1779.

6. Edinburgh Castle
This is an ancient fortress located in the heart of the city of UK. This is an avoidable place of tourist attraction that all people wish to see during their Europe tour. This castle can be seen from anywhere in the city of Edinburgh. This castle has dominated the city for more than 1000 years.

7. Caernarvon Castle
This exists as the symbol of kingly power in the country. UK is also called as the country of castles. This was built by King Edward I and he wished the place to be his residence and the official seat of his government.

8. The Royal Pavilion
The Royal Pavilion
This was built by George IV and this is the only building of its kind in the place. This is a pseudo Indian palace that is influenced greatly by Chinese interiors, light, mirrors and expensive fabrics.

9. St. Ives Cornwall
This is nothing but a beach full of palm trees that brings complete shade to the beach and it is also an artists’ studio. This is in the area full of fisherman cottages, craft shops and steep cobbled lanes. The climate of Britain is also very modest.

10. Stratford on Avon
This is the best place in UK to find Americans. This is also the hometown of Shakespeare. Many cottages that are built in really an astonishing way can be seen in the place.
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