Top 10 Destinations in Belgium

Belgium is a large country that is situated in the heart region of Europe. Belgium chocolates and Belgium beer are the two specialties of Belgium. These are the two things that come to our mind first by hearing the name Belgium. Belgium also has many beautiful beaches fully covered up with white sand. The oldest carnival of the place, the Carnival of Binche is an important attraction. The pissing toddlers in Brussels and the Het Steen Castle in Antwerp are other famous attractions. This is a great place to visit during any time of the year. It is also one of the most famous vacation spots in Europe. Some of them are described here.

1. Brussels
This is the cultural city that has many diverse type architectures prevailing in the world. This is the home for many world class museums, renowned artists and many delicious and tasty foods such Belgium waffles, Belgian chocolates and Belgian beer. This makes Brussels very famous in the world.

2. Brugge
This is located in the northwest region of Brussels. This is only a fifty minutes drive away from the Brussels area. This is such an excellent location to visit for a day trip from Brussels. Clean cobble stone streets, many canals and beautiful medieval buildings can be seen during Belgium tour.

3. Ghent
This city is located in the area between Brussels and Brugge. This is located in a distance of only thirty minutes away from Brussels. There are many medieval architectures and intact and well preserved monuments in the place.

4. Ostend
Try including Ostend in the Belgium package tour. This is a very popular seaside resort that is crowded in the summer season. Because of the great architectural structures and the many leisure time activities that are available it is a year round tourist destination in the world.

5. Leuven
This is only 20 minutes drive from the Brussels. This is also a fantastic place to go for a day trip from Brussels city. This is a university town which has a great nightlife nature which is very vibrant and enjoyable. There are many pubs and bars which makes your nights more enjoyable.

6. Grote Market
Grote Market or a Town Square is a lovable place which is to be strolled and explored with the magnificent Brabo Fountain that has attracted many tourists since its construction.

7. The Cathedral of Our Lady

This cathedral is located on Green Square or on Groenplaats which is one of the most popular attractions in the Antwerp region of Belgium. This also houses the masterpieces of Peter Paul Ruben.

8. Het Steen Castle
This castle which was built in the 13th century is the oldest landmark in the Antwerp region of Belgium. There is also a war memorial presented to the Canadian soldiers inside this castle.

9. The Dagbladmuseum
This is an important place that attracts a number of tourists each and every year to the Antwerp region. This is the place where the world’s first newspaper was invented.

10. Antwerp Aquatopia
This is located in the Queen Astrid Square region of Antwerp. This is a great place to visit and see some of the tropical type fishes in the world.
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