Top 5 Destinations in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest countries in South America. This is a land of contrasts replete which gives wide variety views of scenic beauty. A number of tourist places are available for visit in Brazil that includes Amazon forests, large beaches and a number of historic sites. The place is made more attractive because of the great pleasing nature and hospitality provided by the Brazilian citizens. We get fascinating views of the unending mysteries with great historic happenings. Some of the beautiful and fascinating tourist’s places are discussed in this article.

1. Fernando de Noronha Island
Fernando de Noronha Island
This is a great group of islands laid in the form of a cluster. This area has the presence of a large number of volcanoes, valleys and mountains. There we can find a number of different species of flora and fauna along with pleasant and cool tropical climate. Walking along the water banks of this island offers us a wide range of water species that are varied in nature and form.

2. Rio de Janerio
Rio de Janerio
This place is renowned as the “A Cidade Maravilhosa which means The Marvelous City. This was once the capital city of Brazil. Tourists on Brazil tour will never leave the place without making a visit to the Rio de Janerio. We get a wide variety of natural sceneries, beaches and market places which are the stages for a variety of activities. The old buildings and the prevailing narrow streets have a lot to say about the history of the location.

3. Salvador
This place is considered as the natural hub of Brazil. This place is situated towards the north east part of Brazil. This is the capital of Bahia which is a Brazilian state. Europeans led to the discovery of the place in 1502 where as the Portuguese settled themselves in the place by 1549. Along the major roads of the place white cathedrals can be seen which provides us with an unforgettable view during those Brazil travel packages. This city was the house of the first made Catholic bishop and was also the center of the Brazilian Catholicism.

4. Sao Paulo
This is the world’s third largest city and also the largest one in South America. The census of the region is mainly dominated in the region. Sao Paulo and its rival Rio de Janerio is generally compared to the City of New York and Los Angeles. The attraction of Sao Paulo depends completely on its people and vibrant colors where as Rio de Janerio is famous for the natural setting.

5. Recife
This is the capital city of Pernambuco which is a state of the Brazil country. This city is located in the location where the Beberibe River meets with the Capibaribe River which flows directly to the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Pernambuco was moved to this place by the Dutch troops who occupied the place from 1630. When this happened Recife was nothing more than a fishing village. The place was developed to the present stage by Dutch inhabitants by building enormous number of bridges, palaces and such crucial structures.
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