Top 10 Destinations in Denmark

Denmark is one of the greatest attractions which are an add-on to the main tourist destinations in the world. Tourist interested places in the European countries has Denmark in the list. The people of Denmark, Danes, are warm and wonderful people. After visiting the place for one time you will surely include Denmark as one of the great places to visit during your vacation. If your wish is to spend vacation in a place which is unhurried and where good food is obtained then there is no need to think second time to fix the place. Some of the major places of attraction are discussed here.

1. Copenhagen
This was once a Viking fishing village. This has now evolved to great and developed city in Denmark. This is a city filled with excellent designs, interesting museum and full of history and heritage. This is the home place for the famous statue of the Little Mermaid. The royal family’s winter residence, Amalienborg Palace is also in this place. There are numerous museums, galleries and the world famous Tivoli Gardens in Denmark.

2. Rosenberg Castle
This was built in the 17th century. This is a beautiful and most fascinating museum in the whole of Denmark. The latest renovations were done in the year 2008. Here the treasury and temporary exhibitions are made open to the public.

3. Stroget
This is a pedestrian only shopping area in the location. There are enormous stores, restaurants and shopping places in the street. There are also many performances done in the place to entertain the visitors.

4. Odense
This is the birth place of the famous story teller Hans Christian Andersen. The residents of this place have also built a cottage industry based on the story telling. Make sure to visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum during your Denmark tour.

5. Alborg
Alborg is a great place to start your vacation trip. This is a great place to visit for relaxation and country style vacation. This country has great traditions and history that is in a contrast to the country.

6. Arhus
This is the most vibrant and largest city in the whole region of Jutland. This is a college town that is well known for the entertaining nightlife features that it offers. This is a good place to visit when you wish to surface more on countryside.

7. AROS Arhus Kunst museum
This was opened in the year 2004. This museum features the largest collection of the Denmark country when compared to Copenhagen.

8. Den Gamle By
This is Denmark’s National Open Air Museum for the urban history and culture. This area houses more than 75 historical houses and Danish market town. This also has trade areas, workshops, gardens and toy museum in the locality.

9. Billund
This is the home of the original Lego land. This is a quiet country side with some beautiful lakes and forest sides. Almost all Denmark tour packages include this place in the list.

10. Bornholm
This is an island block which is full of historical buildings, unique model round churches etc.
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