Top 10 Destinations in France

A number of tourists destinations are available in France to spend your France holidays in an enjoyable manner. Some of the famous destinations are listed below.

1.  Alsace
This is the smallest region in France. A very pretty location which extends between The Rhine and Vosges Mountain. The soil texture is such that it is perfect for growing grapes and production of wine. The villages are all very attractive with all houses made of timber. If the tourists follow the Alsace Wine Route they can enjoy the beauty of these half timbered housing villages.

2. Brittany
The capital of this region is Rennes. Brittany is located in the north-west region of France. This has English channel to the north part and Bay of Biscay to the south region. It has an attractive coastline, fishing villages, islands of the Breton coast, some of the historical architectures like the Morlaix and Quimper etc.

3. LLLe et Vilaine
This region comes to the eastern part of Brittany. This includes the region north of Rennes and the coastline west of Emerald Coast. The more beautiful Fougeres and its extremely beautiful castle is only few miles away from Vilaine.

4. Cotes de Armor
This beautiful coastline covers the famous and enchanting coast of pink granite around the Perros- Guirec and also Cap-Frehel. The largest port of Lannion is also found to the north of Cotes de Armor.

5. Corsica
This is an island which lies to the south east direction of France. This has coastlines with perfect outline and extremely mountainous interior. Corsica has become a popular destination of France tour mainly due to the great weather, some of the world’s finest beaches, wonderful mountain scenery and attractive towns and marinas.

6. Dordogne
This is an area found in the south west corner of France. In combination with the Lot et Garonne this forms the inland called Aquitaine. There are almost 1001 castles in Dordogne. This place is well known on the basis of these castles. The warm and pleasant climate, the medieval villages and the beautiful country side has also made the place famous among the tourists.

7. Franche-Comte
Eastern area of France becomes a favorite tourist destination because of this great outdoors. The border of this place comes onto Switzerland. From here you come to leave the rolling country side and Jura mountain peak. The Parc Regional, Chapelle de Notre, towns of Besancon and Dole are the most attractive location that most tourists find in the region.

8. Loire Valley
This comes in the north central part of France. The official region name is Centre which is less known to people outside France. Mainly three historic regions of France are Eure et Loir to the north, Indre et Loire to the west, Loir et Cher to the middle, Loiret to the east and Indre and Cher to the south.

9. Midi-Pyrenees
The mountainous region of Pyrenees which comes in between France and Spain and a large swathe that is in the north ward direction is covered by midi-pyrenees. Tourists generally wish to see the mountains of the south, the awesome country side, the calm and marvelous attraction of the central region. The capital of the place is called as Toulouse.

10. Paris

Paris is a famous attraction of France that is liked by all the tourists of the world. Its shady boulevards, cafe life and general romantic environment greatly attract men. The famous Eiffel tower or Notre Dame Cathedral is all additional attractions of Paris.
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