Top 10 Destinations in Spain

Spain has many tourists’ attractions that bring great economic benefits for Spain government. The tourist attractions are immense that tourists on Spain tour can choose the place according to their interest. Some of the famous tourist destinations are discussed here.

1. Valencia

This is the third largest city in Spain. Valencia City which is near the River Tulia has made Spain the richest agricultural region in Spain. Valencia is a very charming city whose light and decorations has given the place a great artistic outlook and nature. The famous Valencia Cathedral is the largest and Santa Catalina church is the oldest church in the city.

2. Thyssen Bornemisza Museum
Thyssen Bornemisza Museum
This museum is in the city of Madrid. This museum has the largest collection of private paintings in the world. The paintings take the viewers to an imaginative world that is beyond our thoughts.

3. The Prado of Madrid
This is said to be one of the most attractive museums in the world. Spanish art during the period of 11th to 18th century has occupied the larger area of the museum. The master pieces of some of the world’s most famous painters are also being included in the museum.

4. Granada
This is the place with a unique beauty that attracts all the tourists visiting Spain. The walls of The Alhambra, has the following words scribbled on it- “there is no pain in life so cruel as to be blind in Granada.” The Galera festival, Granada International Festival of Music and Dance, the Science Park are the famous attractions in Granada.

5. Sacramento Hill
This hilly region overlooks the city from the northern region of Spain. Sacramento hill is famous for the cave dwellings that it bears. This hill served as the home for a large community of people in the ancient times. Some of the most famous flamenco shows can be found in AndalucĂ­a.

6. Barcelona
Taking a walk in the region around the Gothic area of Barcelona, you can start with the Casa Battlo which is a Gaudi creation. This is on the Paseo de Gracia Street who narrow paths remind us about the beautiful ancient age of Barcelona. The traditional occupations of people along the street and their food habits are also interesting.

7. Madrid
This city was established in 1561. This city was built by King Carlos 1. It was a small city at the time of formation but quickly grew to its developed age and became the place of the Royal Court of Spain. Builders, architects, cooks, shop keepers are all there in the place that had a major part in the formation of Madrid. This is great for spending Spain holidays.

8. Bilbao

This has become the most important cultural and tourist sign of the Basque Country. The Bilbao museum is a magnificent building of its kind and contains a large number of beautiful and wonderful collections of artistic works from all over the world.

9. Cathedral de Santiago
This cathedral is built in the original site in the 13th century. This was later on rebuilt in the 16th century after it was damaged by fire. It is the landmark which resembles the heritage of the Old Quarter.

10. Benidorm
Benidorm is the largest tourist resort of the Mediterranean region. This is a great example of the greatly formed destination for tourism.
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