Top 10 Destinations in Sri Lanka

A number of special places are there in Sri Lanka that you must surely visit on order to make your Sri Lanka holidays enjoyable and unforgettable. Understanding the true value and history behind these places is also important. Some of the famous destinations are briefly described in this article.

1. Randenigala Wild Life Sanctuary
This is a great place for bird watching. Situated in Galoya which is a wonderful ecological site. This is a well known place for bird watching, natural expeditions and Elephant watching. Galoya has many archeological sites with archeological ruins.

2. Wasgamuwa National Park
This national park is a very famous habitat for elephants. This is situated in the districts of Matale and Polonnaruwa. Park consists of Riverina forest, dry mixed evergreen forest, grasslands and wetlands. This is a famous wild elephant habitat. Many other animals that are rarely found species are also the inhabitants of the park.

3. Somawathiya National Park
To get the experience of a unique landscape there is no other way than to travel to the wonderful national park of Somawathiya. Take a safari jeep drive to observe and enjoy almost all the wide open planes of the national park area. Flood plains and dry evergreen forest is generally the land nature. Leopards, water buffalo, fishing cat, elephants that feed on the aquatic plants are also seen here.

4. Hummanaya
This is located in Tangalle and is considered as the second largest blow hole in the world. Visiting Hummanaya offers a sea bath and also a leisureful day in the Tangalle beach. The ocean water flows below the shore and then this protrudes through this blow hole with extreme pressure. This gives it a very calm feeling. This place is only a few miles away from Colombo.

5. Rekawa
Rekawa is a very famous ecofriendly location of Sri Lanka. This is the world’s most famous sea turtle watching area. This was named by an online travel community IgoUgo. The suited time to watch turtle the time span between January and April.

6. Kanniya Hot Wells Springs
This is one of the seven wonders that we admire in Sri Lanka. The specialty of the place is that it has seven hot wells. This place is located in a town called Trincomalee. This placed is believed to be one of the historical places in Sri Lanka. Bathing in this is believed to be great in the minds of Sri Lankans.

7. Ranmasu Uyana
This is an ancient royal park that may people choose to spend their leisure time. Previously this park was strictly reserved for the members of the royal family. Nuwara wewa and Tissa wewa are the two best known lakes in the place.

8. Ambekke Devalaya
This temple is really famous all over the world for its wooden carvings. The intricate designs and temple itself is dedicated to God Kataragama.

9. Trincomalee Harbor
The place itself is famous based on this harbor. This is the 5th largest natural harbor in the world. This harbor served as the base for the East Asian Fleet during the Second World War. This is destination that must be undoubtedly included in the Sri Lanka tour.

10. Parakrama Samudra
Parakrama Samudra
This is the largest irrigation tank of Great King Parakramabahu 1. This ocean was considered as the life blood of the ancient city and it is also the blood life of the place now, which is the sole source of water supply for all sources of crops and food condiments.
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