Top 10 Destinations in Sweden

Sweden is an attractive tourist destination that is liked by many. The landscape of the place will seem to be more attractive and welcoming to most of the first time visitors. The city of Sweden is really attractive, stylish and functional. The Swedes are very helpful and attentive people. The best time to visit Sweden is during the early fall and summer. There are a number of attractive and interesting places in Sweden that are widely spread across the country. Some of these tourist places are discussed in this article.

1. Stockholm
This is the capital city of Sweden. The most important thing is the location of the island that covers a number of 14 islands. The city is said to be both beautiful and delightful.

2. The Old Town

This is also called as Gamla Stan. This is a must see location during the Sweden holidays. The streets are all curvy narrow and made of cobblestone. There are many attractive shops in the location which makes the place more attractive. Many of the important tourist sites are seen in this Gamla Stan.

3. The Wasa Museum
The Wasa is a ship that sank in the maiden voyage and it happened in 17th century. This was recently raised up fifty years ago and these remains were preserved in the Wasa Museum.

4. Drottningholm Palace
This is the current residence of the royal family of Sweden. This is a World heritage Site. This stands in an island in Lake Malaren. It is really famous because of the wonderful architecture of the palace. It also has a wonderful park and a well noted Chinese Pavilion.

5. Gothenburg
Many travelers prefer to visit Gothenburg rather than Stockholm because it provides better exposure to the Swedes. This can be used as a base for exploring the coastal towns which is towards the northern direction and also the Varbergs Fortress which is 40 miles towards the southern direction.

6. Uppsala
This is another beautiful entry in the list of famous tourist destinations in Sweden. This place plays a remarkable position in the development of the country’s economy. It is only a 60 minutes journey from Stockholm to Uppsala.

7. Crystal Country
This place is also renowned as the Kingdom of Crystal in Sweden. This place is located in the western region of Kalmar. Crystal production has made the place famous among the tourist destinations.

8. almar
Try to visit the famous Kalmar castle during your Sweden tour. This is a place that should not be missed out in any means. This is one of the best places in Sweden since it includes the Domykyrkan or the Cathedral.

9. Swedish Lapland

This place is most often considered to be the Europe’s last wilderness. The Lapland’s of Finland and Norway is also in the same manner. If interested in seeing the northern lights and midnight sun then surely Kiruna is to be included in the Sweden holidays.

10. Gota Canal

This is a canal that connects Stockholm with the Gothenburg city. A trip through the canal is really interesting. Gives an ultimate chance to view both Stockholm and Gothenburg simultaneously.
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